Features of Infinity IT-8800 massage chair

Features of Infinity IT-8800 massage chair


The amount of satisfaction from a massage is dependent on the quality of the chair. There are many chairs out there with different specifications. Good massage chairs are only used for a short time, but the amount of satisfaction is more than a long manual massage. Today, massage chairs are not only equipped with vibrating technologies. They are fitted with other advanced feature that adds to the relaxation and pleasant feeling.

This added feature has made a massage experience more beneficial to the human body. It can now be used to collect back and neck deformities. It is important to note that massage chairs are not cheap commodities. They are expensive chairs, but the price is worth it. The advanced Infinity IT-8800 features include.

Inbuilt speakers

massage chairMusic adds the relaxation feeling during a message. There is no better feeling than listening to a soothing song in the middle of a massage. This type has an inbuilt speaker on the sides of the chair. They are designed to produce a rhythmic sensation synced to your music.

Music can be seeded in the chair by a USB port. The chair is compatible with a memory card and a phone Bluetooth. Once the chair is connected to the power music from your inbuilt speaker will start to play.

Zero gravity technology

The chair can achieve zero gravity position. What is a zero gravity position? It is a position that can be called merely a weightless position. It is a position that was discovered by the astronauts. The gravity in this place were zero. This means that if nothing is done this person can be pulled back to the atmosphere. They discovered apposition where no mass is acting on the body. This way the person can float in the space. This explains why they are always seen to float in an inclined position. Massage chairs have adopted this position. When the chair assumes this position, there is good blood circulation in the body that help in relaxation and promotes healthy living.

Airbag massaging technology

different color massage chairAn airbag is a method of incorporating different massaging techniques in a massage chair. They are located in the places that a roller cannot reach. This is areas around the neck, arms, legs, thighs, and shoulders. An airbag will provide a compression massage that is very sensational compared to other massaging techniques like the rolling and kneading and tapping. Besides the airbags can be used together with a roller to speed up the rate of rolling, tapping and kneading by inflating and deflating the chair.

During a massage, the airbag will inflate around the areas to be massaged, say the legs. They will then deflate in quick succession. The intensity of the message will be the dependent on how the airbag is inflated. It is technology that improves the blood flow to the body. Improving the blood flow in areas to be massaged is useful in helping the body recover from injuries.